Easey's is a celebration of quintessential Melbourne. It is the combination of some of the things we really love about this great city; its art, music, transport, people, food and drinks.

The art is a transient and ever changing exhibition from the trains being painted to the tags inside the building, it changes daily. Having already featured some of the most well known graffiti artists from around the world we will continue to bring you painting, photography and installations from the very best.

The food is a celebration of Australiana whilst keeping with the trends. We honour the classic fish and chip shop with potato cakes and dim sims whilst also serving American inspired burgers and sandwiches. We are constantly changing the landscape and looking to innovate inside and outside the boundaries of comfort food. Similarly with the cocktails and drink lists we are always looking for new and fun ways for you to enjoy a beverage whilst maintaining the greats like Melbourne Bitter.

Where else can you eat and drink in a train on the top of a building whilst listening to new and classic hip hop? 

Our Story

Easey's is a collaboration between 3 mates and their individuality - Jimmy Hurlston, Phil Martin and Jeremy Gaschk. 

These three lads crossed paths in many different lives, from high school, graffiti, music, festivals, events, work, mutual friends but most importantly came together in 2014 to start building Easey's.  

Since 2012 Jimmy Hurlston has built a reputation in the comfort food industry in Australia. Previously, Jimmy was pursuing a career in law but hit a fork in the road and instead of choosing, he decided to do a "U-ey". Jimmy's reputation has been built through social media channels, he penned a book titled The Burger Book – Victoria in 2013 and traveled the world eating and reviewing burgers. Jimmy is considered at the forefront of burger knowledge in Australia and continues to travel the world in search of the perfect burger - The Unicorn. Jimmy and Jeremy had crossed paths many times through the graffiti world and had been planning on opening a venue for some time and decided to team up with Phil Martin. 

Jeremy Gaschk is well renowned in graffiti/street art circles. When it comes to graffiti and street art, Jeremy's resume is highly impressive. Jeremy worked with Phil to put on the "Don't Ban The Can" festival, an event put together to raise money to fight State Government legislative changes towards graffiti and street art. Jeremy worked with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to curate the first "Studio" exhibitioins. He curated Rtist Gallery in Praharan for a number of years working with the world's very best graffiti and street artists. Jeremy continues to play an active role in promoting and curating graffiti events all over the country. Not limited to just his graffiti resume, Jeremy also has extensive hospitality experience having worked closely with Joost Bakker on "Silo by Joost". Jeremy is also an award winning barista and has worked at some of Melbourne's best cafes. When we coupled Jeremy's graffiti pedigree with his hospitality knowledge, things began to take shape. 

Then we added the third element to complete the trinity; Phil Martin. Phil is an internationally acclaimed DJ (FLIP3K), who left his role within the music industry to pursue this dream with his mates. Having previously managed pubs and worked with and assisted Jerome Borazio on his well known venues St Jeromes, Pony Fish Island and Sister Bella’s, Phil was perfectly placed to take on the Venue Manager role. Phil and Jeremy went to school together and later worked together on Don't Ban The Can. Phil continues to DJ, produce music, and run his label Loophole Recordings in his spare time, and recently had a Beatport number 1 hit with "27 Calibre". 

The lads started working on Easey's in February 2014 and finally opened the doors to the public on 1 May 2015. Since opening, Easey’s has garnered more attention than any other comfort food venue appearing on all major television networks as well as in most online and print publications from Broadsheet to the Qantas Mag. 

Easey's always strives to evolve its artwork but most importantly its food and drink offering to cater to the comfort food whims of its patrons.

Look at the size of that dim sim shaped head. Pretty big burger too I guess.

Look at the size of that dim sim shaped head. Pretty big burger too I guess.

The guys are always moving, Easey's is constantly evolving alongside the changing landscape of of vibrant Melbourne. They have since partnered with multiple venues and events around Melbourne, to bring their product to every part of town. Be on the look out for some new ventures on the horizon